Orbs DeFi Portal - 1st Month Report

by Paradigm as part of Orbs DeFi Grant Program

During the first month Paradigm team prepared a series of articles about Automated Market Makers and decentralized liquidity, explaining to Orbs holders how they work, how to add liquidity, launched the first Orbs - USDC pool on Balancer quickly reaching $112 000 in liquidity and finilized the design and specification for Orbs DeFi portal. Find out more in our 1st monthly report below!

“AMM will replace traditional market makers, at least for early stages of a company. And even centralized exchanges will be looking at the asset’s decentralized liquidity before listing it.” - Paradigm, Establishment of AMM division with Orbs as the first community — founder’s letter

1. The opening article gives an idea of what decentralized liquidity pool is and compares Automated Market Makers to traditional ones.

2. “How to add liquidity on Uniswap” is a step-by-step guide for the community to contribute to ORBS liquidity on the biggest decentralized exchange.

3. We launched the first low-risk 10-90 ORBS-USDC pool on Balancer. Now it is possible to participate in the Orbs liquidity without being exposed to risks of holding Ethereum tokens. And, of course, newcomers can now buy ORBS tokens from anywhere in the world using tokenized dollar with 0,1% fees (as low as on Binance).

This is now the most popular Orbs pool.

4. A guide on how to add liquidty to Balancer pool.

Now to the most interesting part Paradigm and Orbs team are most exited about - Orbs liquidity portal where users will be able to swap tokens, add liquidity and compare exchange rates across DEXes ans CEXes looking for arbitrage opportunities.

5. First, we prepaped the specification and mockups for the portal main page.

6. Then, we worked with our designer and Orbs team to prepare the portal design using the latest style that will be common for Orbs ecosystem in 2021. We are happy to present it to you today!

Our plan for December is to launch Beta for Orbs Portal.

7. Unfortunately, high staking ratio, which is now 46%, goes against decentralized liquidity as both require locking assets in the smart contract. That’s why we started our research on how to combine them so that ORBS holders could earn passive income from both streams. We have found 4 possible ways to do that:
- Liquid staking;
- Proof of Liquidity;
- Easy Staking;
- Combined and automated Proof-of-Liquidy and Liquid Staking approach.

You can read about each of them in detail in our research paper. LaTex version available here.

In December, we are planning to coduct research on how these approaches can be implemented given the current architechture of Orbs V2.5 Staking contract.

That’s it for the first month! Do not forget to follow us!

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Orbs is a blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service built for large scale consumer applications to meet their business and technological requirements. It is the first public permissionless network with hybrid architecture suitable for real businesses.

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If you have any questions on how to add liquidity to Orbs or about the upcoming Orbs De-Fi portal, you are more than welcome to get in touch! We are always available in the Orbs Telegram chat.

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