ORBS/USDC liquidity pool now on Balancer

Launching stable 90-USDC/10-ORBS open pool on Balancer.


  • ORBS/USDC pool was launched on Balancer on 28th of October 2020.

  • As of today, $112k of liquidity is available in the pool.

  • Anyone can add liquidity to the pool and reserve a claim for a proportional share of the generated exchange fees.

  • It is the first low risk pool. To participate, one needs only 10% ORBS tokens while the rest is in USDC, which ensures that dollar value of the pool is more stable.

Before the introduction of Automated Market Makers (AMM), it has been rather difficult to create deep liquidity on centralized exchanges. Now, it is possible to 'crowdsource' liquidity through Liquidity Pools using various protocols like Uniswap and Balancer, which allow the creation of AMM, you may have seen our previous article about ORBS on Uniswap.

We are proud to announce that a new Liquidity Pool has been launched on Balancer!

Balancer is the third most popular automated market-making platform built on Ethereum. It is using a generalized version of the "constant product rule" (pioneered by Uniswap) that allows to include any number of tokens, adjust weights or trading fees.

One of the main reasons why we have chosen Balancer is the possibility to set the weights of pool coins. 90-USDC/10-ORBS means that weights for this liquidity pool have been fixed at 90% USDC and 10% ORBS. This ratio ensures that dollar value of the liquidity in the pool remains more stable. The commission fee for exchange was set at 0.1%.

The price that is quoted by the Balancer AMM will aim to maintain the ratio between two coins, thus adjusting the price according to the market demand. At the same time, a higher proportion of USDC in the pool allows to reduce the effect of Impermanent Loss.

You can view information ORBS/USDC pool on Balancer and add liquidity here.

To provide liquidity to the pool, you would need to deposit both ORBS and USDC. Luckily, Balancer has an intuitive interface for adding liquidity, which automatically calculates the correct ratio of USDC and ORBS. Similar to how AMMs work on Uniswap, a liquidity provider will receive pool tokens that are used to claim back provided portion of the pool and claim a share of generated commissions.

Pool management link: https://pools.balancer.exchange/#/pool/0x795dfdfd413c4a9492cef5b58723f9fb3c8af624/

Orbs token address: 0xff56cc6b1e6ded347aa0b7676c85ab0b3d08b0fa

Exchange link: https://balancer.exchange/

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